Daily Dish: The Virginmarys Dish on New Album and The Best Curry Ever

Featured Image by Alex Wright

The Virginmarys are a punk rock trio hailing from Macclesfield, England. With music that is urgent and brash, but balanced in equal parts thrashing and melodic, it is hard not to have a religious experience upon first listen. The trio are certainly making a splash stateside by recently appearing at SXSW and at stops all across the U.S., including a recent stop in Philly and New York this past March. Danny, Matt, and Ally recently took time out of their busy touring schedule to answer a few questions about their self-described spicy tunes, new album, and give us the low-down on the best curry in Macclesfield!

Samantha Sweeney: Tell us about the last song you listened to.
Danny: “Crosses” by The Hyena Kill. Really awesome two-piece band from Manchester taken from their new Album.
Matt: I think it was “Human Behaviour” by Bjork.
Ally: “Home Is Where You Hang Your Head” by Elvis Costello. From the album Blood and Chocolate. It’s one of my mate’s favourite albums and one I needed to check out.

SS: Love it! What was the last thing you ate?
Danny: A Mrs Field’s White Chocolate Cookie, which I borrowed from Matt’s stash last night. I’m not proud of it, but I was hungry. Sorry, Matty.
Matt: I’ve just had a slice of bread and butter
Ally: Tandoori chicken kebabs.
We’re staying in the East Village in NYC and had some time to chill out, so Dan got busy in the kitchen. I cooked some English chips that I’ve missed since I’ve been over here.

SS: That sounds de-licious! Where’s your next show? Tell us about it!
Danny, Matt, Ally: Next gig is a special Manchester (UK) show on album release week. It’s gonna be amazing, our homecoming gigs are always incredible!

SS: Sounds incredible. Now, back to food: if your music were edible, what words would you use to describe it? Which song should we check out first?
Danny: Bitter, sweet, fiery, and savoury. Hmmmm. Erm–how about “Push the Pedal.”
Matt: Hot, spicy, moorish, and delicious.  I guess a good place to start is with our new single “Motherless Land,” and then away you go!
It’d have to be spicy, hot, and full of flavour served in a big portion, not frilly and pretentious; it’d be big and real.

SS: Delicious! Now since this is Daily Dish, you need to share with us your favorite food item from your favorite local restaurant back home. Go!
Danny: Arghhhh tough question for me, this one!! I’m a huge fan of Indian food and Macclesfield has some amazing Indian cuisines. But I’ll go the Lime Tree Restaurant and Wine Bar (which is technically in the next village over, Bollington). My sister’s fella is the head chef there and the Cafe de Paris Sirloin steaks are AMAZING!!!!

Photo courtesy of The Lime Tree Restaurant and Wine Bar via

Matt: It’s difficult to pick but right now I’d love either a Sunday Roast (lamb) cooked by my mum or a Lamb Padina from my local Indian restaurant.

lamb roast
Photo of Lamb Roast courtesy of the Artist
lamb padina
Photo of Lamb Padina courtesy of the Artist

Ally: My dish of choice is Chicken Tikka Jalrezi. My favourite food is curry and this is my go-to dish. Favourite restaurant close to home I’d be likely to get it from is called the Balti Kitchen in Macclesfield UK.

Chicken Tikka Jalrezi
Chicken Tikka Jalrezi from Balti Kitchen