Daily Dish: The Score Dishes on Hummus and University of Arizona’s Spring Fling

The Score, an indie pop duo out of Los Angeles, took the world by storm in 2015 when their infectious single, “Oh My Love,” climbed the charts. After the song was chosen for an ad campaign, The Score went from being unsigned to inking a deal with Republic Records. Their debut EP, “Where Do You Run,” came out in September of last year.

In this edition of Daily Dish, we chat with The Score’s Eddie and Edan about what they’re currently listening to as well as their favorite bites back home.


Jennifer Logue: Tell us about the last song you listened to.
Eddie: Kaleo – “Way Down We Go”

Edan: Atlas Genius – “Trojans”

JL: What was the last thing you ate?
Eddie: NYC Pizza
Edan: Sushi!

JL: (laughs) I also just ate sushi. My absolute favorite! Anyway, where’s your next show? Tell us about it!
Eddie: Our next show is at University of Arizona’s Spring Fling. We may or may not be attending the college afterparties! (laughs)

JL: If your music were edible, what words would you use to describe it?
Edan: If our music was edible, we’d probably taste like something spicy and sweet…something that gives you just enough of a kick to be like “whoa!” and sweet enough to say “I want 10 of those!”

JL: I like it! Great analogy. Now since this is Daily Dish, you need to share with us your favorite food item from your favorite local restaurant back home. Go!
Eddie: Wet Carne Asada Burrito with Rice and Beans from El Burrito Jr. in Seal Beach, CA!

Wet Carne Asada Burrito
Photo provided by Artist

Edan: The Hummus Plate at Hummus Place in New York.

Hummus Place
Photo via Yelp


For all the latest on The Score, visit their website here and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Their next performance is at University of Arizona’s Spring Fling on Friday, April 8th!

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