Daily Dish: Night Lights on Gym Jams and Airport Food

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Night Lights are a multinational four-piece now based in Los Angeles. Splitting four countries between them Mau, Yusuke, Dag, and Jeff combine their multicultural backgrounds into an indie pop feast that will no doubt get you grooving. We had the chance to chat with the band about what gets them moving and grooving while on tour, and finding the best food in the most unexpected places.

Samantha Sweeney: Tell us about the last song you listened to.
Night Lights: (Mau) Everything Everything just released a new album (Get to Heaven) and I’m a huge fan of theirs. They have a song on that album called” Warm Healer” that has an amazingly interesting drum groove. Really gets me moving and inspired to take on the day. It was my gym jam.

SS: What was the last thing you ate?
NL: (Yusuke) I had some soup for breakfast!

SS: Can’t say I have ever had soup to kick off the day…anyway, where’s your next show? Tell us about it!
NL: Our next show will be at the Backyard Sessions on April 10th here in LA! Pretty much going to be an awesome, intimate, house party/show and we’re really excited about it! We don’t even know where it’s going to be yet (laughs). After that, we have a show at the Slidebar Fullerton on April 15th! Hope to see you all!

SS: We hope so, too! If your music were edible, what words would you use to describe it? Which song should we check out first?
NL: If our songs were edible, I would use the word “umami” to describe the balance of intricacy and pop with depth in our lyrics. Also, I would recommend “Childish” to check out first because it’s very new! And, then, you can work back and see the direction we’ve come.

SS: Now since this is Daily Dish, you need to share with us your favorite food item from your favorite local restaurant back home. Go!
NL: (Mau) It varies a lot for me, but if I’m picking from back home, the place I go to from the airport when visiting family is called Canibalazzo. It serves “Cochinita Pibil” (slow-roasted pork) in different packages. Like costrazzas (my fave) is the slow-roasted pork in flour tortillas with crispy cheese. Now, the amazing part of the establishment (and where they get their pizzazz) is that they have like thirty different salsas that are rated from 1-to-5 on spice level. They’re all so savory and delicious, or deadly spicy but still delicious. Best thing about it is that the paquetazzo #14 (my preferred menu item) comes with two costrazzas for under five bucks. Man, I miss them.

Mau food
Cochinita Pibil from Canibalazzo with slow-roasted pork, flour tortillas and crispy cheese!

NL: (Yusuke) This place my dad took me to is by far my favorite udon place in Japan. It’s literally a hole in the wall, and beats any fancy restaurant I’ve been to. There are usually three guys working inside [and], around them, are U-shaped tables where you stand and eat. You buy a ticket for what you want and you put it on the table. Your bowl of noodle soup will be in front of you within a minute.

Yusuke food
The best Udon in Japan

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