Daily Dish: Lucky Jukebox Brigade Talk Santigold and Seitan Cheesesteaks!

For today’s Daily Dish, we’re chatting it up with Lucky Jukebox Brigade out of Albany, New York. They’ve got a new music video for their song “Little Fangs” that’s off of their debut EP, Savage Fantastic, and give us the lowdown on an amazing vegan Philly Cheesesteak that’s (gasp!) outside of Philly.


Jennifer Logue: Tell us about the last song you listened to.
Lucky Jukebox Brigade: “Rendezvous Girl” by Santigold! Everything she does is amazing and I’m loving her new album so much.

JL: What was the last thing you ate?
LJB: This is seriously the perfect time for me to answer this question. I’m a relatively new vegan and I basically just had a test kitchen day. I made a mac and cheese prototype that turned out to be an exact vegan replica of the one at my favorite diner in Albany. I also made some fried wontons filled with a tofu/cabbage/carrot/cilantro/basil stuffing.

JL: Yum! You gotta invite me next time. Anyways, let’s flip it to music. Where’s your next show?
LJB: Our next show is a house party in Albany! It’s our annual Snuggie Luau. We do something like this every spring when it’s still cold in NY but everyone is desperate to come out of hibernation. You can show up in pajamas, a bathing suit, or anything else that fits your mood, and of course there are cocktails with tiny umbrellas in them. Hit us on Facebook for details!

Lucky Jukebox Brigade

JL: If your music were edible, what words would you use to describe it? Which song should we check out first? 
LJB: I think you should check out “Little Fangs.” We just put out a video for it. That song definitely tastes like a sour patch kid.

JL: Excellent description! Now since this is Daily Dish, you need to share with us your favorite food item from your favorite local restaurant back home. Go!
LJB: I have to give a shout out to Iron Gate Cafe in Albany. It’s my favorite brunch/lunch spot and they make a fabulous seitan Philly Steak. I know you’re from Philly so I would not be saying this if I didn’t mean it with all my heart. It’s so delicious. Their Bloody Marys are insanely good too!

Iron Gate Cafe in Albany
Photo via Iron Gate Cafe’s Instagram

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